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Our Studs

Edgefield Trail Blazer
(barn name is Buddy)
Grulla color, 15 hh,

We are so thankful for Jessica & Clayton McNamara of Aesthetic Equine for letting Edgefield Trail Blazer be a part of our Morgan family. "Buddy" is the ideal Western type Morgan. He is one of the few standing Morgans of his color. His color test are in and he is EEaaDd, so homozygous Black! When bred to a black mare, you will either get Black or Grulla. And he wil produce Dun on any color mare 50% of the time. Edgefield Trail Blazer is such a gentleman when checking mares. He is so fun to work with... he gives 100% to whatever you ask him! We are pleased to have "Buddy" here as our Stallion.

Buddy's registration papers



JMF Royal Irish Duke
(barn name is Duke)
Duke is black and stands 15.2 hands.

We purchased Duke as a weanling from Will and Dorothy Janzen of the Janzen Morgan Farm in Canada. Duke is the son of Irish Entertainment, who is the two-time (1989 & 1991) Reserve World Champion stallion. Duke is everything we hoped he would be. He is siring athletic and versatile get with correct conformation, beautiful head and willing personalities. His get are doing great in and out of the showing in a variety of disciplines. (Deceased Jan. 2016)

Duke's registration papers

Remington Royal
(barn name is Shooter)
Shooter is black and stands 14.3 hands. He passes size, good conformation and his great disposition onto his foals. He is a true gentleman when breeding.

Shooter was born here on our farm. His sire is Buster Boy, who was also born and raised here. His grandsire is
"Rimlo Black Valiant". We enjoy trail riding, parades and showing with Shooter. (Deceased Oct. 2015)

Shooter's registration papers